You are doing it right : Construct more machines using robots than manually.

What it means precisely? Are belts and inserters considered as a "machine"?

Is there a place I can see the count of machines I already built early-game?


Here is the answer to the very same question on Reddit:

you must use construction robots to build more structures than what you have placed by hand

Source : SkyKoli answer

Then he shows his trick to do so really quickly. The complete post can be found here.

  • Note that in this context, "structure" is anything that is placed in the world. If you left-click to place it, that counts for this achievement. Belts, inserters, assemblers, etc. I am not sure about vehicles, but considering that "Getting on Track Like a Pro" requires placing a locomotive in the world to trigger the achievement, vehicles probably count for this one, too. – user69603 Dec 17 '17 at 0:52

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