The fact is you can only keep 5 horses registered and I wasted some of those slots with random horses. I've browsed through all the menus but can't find the option to set free a horse so I can get another one. Does any one know how can I achieve this or any way to register more than five horses? I have the official guide of the game and can not find any information about this topic.


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As said by Seiyria, you can kill a horse but that is a bit creepy.

So otherwise, there's a guy on the way to Gerudo who asks you to sell him a horse for 300, so it might be better to give your horse to him rather than killing him ;)

And I haven't tried this yet, but it seems that if you talk to the guy at the stable about registering a new horse when you already have 5, he will ask you if you want to free one.

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    From what I understand, you can only sell a horse to him once.
    – SGR
    Mar 8, 2017 at 14:01

One possible way to set a horse free is to take it to Hyrule Castle and feed it to a Guardian.


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