What is the purpose of Poké Beans? Like does feeding one bean increase any stat of my Pokémon like speed or attack?

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PokeBeans have several effects, for example:

  1. Increase the affection of the Pokemon (Regular bean = 3 points; Patterned bean = 5 points)
  2. Have certain effects if put into the boxes in Poke Pelago
  3. They are used to develop islands in Poke Pelago

The effects are as the following:

  • Isle Abeens: The spawnrate of wild pokemon is increased
  • Isle Aplenny: The growth time of berries is cut in half
  • Isle Aphun: The time needed to finish an exploration is cut in half
  • Isle Evelup: The time needed for training is cut in half
  • Isle Avue: Increases the gained happiness.

Every bean lasts for a specific time: a regular bean will last for 30 minutes, a patterned bean for 1 hour and a rainbow bean for 2 hours.


Feeding a Pokémon a Poké Bean will increase that Pokémon's affection. Patterned and rainbow Poké Beans will increase affection more than normal Poké Beans.

For the effects of affection, check out this question.


Feeding PokeBeans to your pokemon will increase there affection towards you, which in turn can trigger certain evolutions(Eevee evolves into Sylveon with 2 hears and 1 fairy move. link

The second, and for most players the more important use of Pokebeans is that the reduce the time of all Poké Pelago actions. It will cut the growth time of berries, it will reduce the time pokemon need on trainings and it will reduce the expedition caves.

  • 1 Fairy move is enough.
    – scenia
    Mar 10, 2017 at 18:27

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