The Yiga Clan were always a little pain. They would stop you, decide to fight you, and then you could just open a can of whoopass on them and continue your way.

But after clearing the hideout, now there's the guards that spawn every once in a while. And they are not like their old counter parts. They WILL one shot you.

Is there a way to stop/prevent them from spawning? A side quest to do that will make their random attacks stop? It's pretty annoying that out of nowhere I have to run away ASAP.

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    I've found tagging them with an ice arrow and pulling your biggest weapon out helps. – IG_42 Mar 14 '17 at 0:22
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    If the Yiga are one-shotting you after you cleared their hideout, you should focus on getting more hearts and/or upgrading your armor. Yiga blademasters are coded to one-shot kill in the hideout, but after that, they deal damage normally. Once you get decent armor, they're more of an annoyance that anything. – HopelessN00b Apr 2 '17 at 21:33
  • Yeah Gerudo was my 2nd dungeon so I was still pretty squishy. Later on they are a lot less of a problem. – Fredy31 Apr 2 '17 at 22:25

You cannot prevent this from happening. Hey, at least they drop some nice and powerful items. You can, however, run away and not look back.

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    In this game the run away technic fastly becomes the most optimal option against minions. – Grirg Mar 14 '17 at 9:53

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