Who buys the 'Stranded' items such as 'Stranded Shackles' or 'Stranded Figure', and where can I find them?

The items are purple-coloured, and have "Trading with Merchants" in the "used for" list, but none of the specialist merchants I've found so far will buy the special items.


According to this guide, there is a merchant in Meridian who will trade these items for a modification box.

Fun fact: the 3 "Stranded" items are actually a Death Stranding easter egg!

Having collected all three Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Collectibles, players can take them to the Mysterious Boxes merchant in Meridian and trade in for a Mysterious Box. The box grants players the following items:

  • Special Modification Box – rare weapon or outfit modification
  • Modification Box – random weapon or outfit modification
  • Shard Gambler’s Box – metal shards
  • Warm Socks – can be sold to merchants for 100 Metal Shards, it is unclear whether this has any other use or not

The merchant can be found here:

specialty merchant location

Source for image

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