Who buys the 'Stranded' items such as 'Stranded Shackles' or 'Stranded Figure', and where can I find them?

The items are purple-coloured, and have "Trading with Merchants" in the "used for" list, but none of the specialist merchants I've found so far will buy the special items.

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According to this guide, there is a merchant in Meridian who will trade these items for a modification box.

Fun fact: the 3 "Stranded" items are actually a Death Stranding easter egg!

Having collected all three Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Collectibles, players can take them to the Mysterious Boxes merchant in Meridian and trade in for a Mysterious Box. The box grants players the following items:

  • Special Modification Box – rare weapon or outfit modification
  • Modification Box – random weapon or outfit modification
  • Shard Gambler’s Box – metal shards
  • Warm Socks – can be sold to merchants for 100 Metal Shards, it is unclear whether this has any other use or not

The merchant can be found here:

specialty merchant location

Source for image

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