Will I lose a preinstalled game if I reformat the system? I am going to sell mine, and I don't want to lose the game.


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A preinstalled game works slightly differently than a game you've bought. The game is actually tied to the console itself.

If you reformat the system, the game will still be accessible from that console.

I bought the special 20th anniversary Pokémon 3DS with Pokémon Red and Blue preinstalled on it. I had to reformat the system after accidentally creating a new Nintendo account before transferring my account from my old 3DS to it, but after transferring the account, I was able to redownload Pokémon Red and Blue free of charge.

For reference, users here support what I've said.

I did a similar thing with Mine (upgraded the memory card). When I spoke to ninteno the guy claimed the games are tied to your systems license. So I should be able to connect to the eshop and redownload at no charge

When you perform a system transfer, pre-installed games can ALWAYS be re-downloaded at no charge on the eShop for free.

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