I bought the Super Luigi U thing, and I want to sell it now. Will the DLC be on the customers game?

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That's not how DLC works. The data on the game disc is not and can not be altered. When you purchase DLC (or, really, anything from the E-Shop) it is registered to your Nintendo Network ID, and downloaded to your console. No data is added to the disc.

If you were to sell the game disc, the DLC would not go with the disc, as it is connected to your NNID. Further; you would have the DLC with no way to play it because you lack the game associated with it (However, were you to purchace a new copy of "Super Mario Bros. U", your DLC would be available again.

The only way to sell the game with the DLC would be to sell your entire console (along with your NNID, other E-shop purchaces, etc).

  • Got it, thanks! You just saved me a lot of frustration. Commented Mar 20, 2017 at 14:25

No. Super Luigi U is content saved to your system, not to the Super Mario Bros U disc. The buyer will only receive Super Mario Bros U, unless you also sell them your Wii U.

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