So I was wondering if you could have two named followers or if that is just with the DB recruit, one named follower and the slow time shout?

I was wondering if you could have two main followers in addition to the extra "quest" followers


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Without mods, you can only have one normal follower at a time. However, sometimes NPCs will follow you as part of a quest without taking up your normal follower slot. You can't trade with quest followers, but many of them will follow you wherever you go and fight with you. UESP has a list of quest followers here. In theory, you could accrue over a dozen followers this way, if you start a lot of quests but then never finish them.

Notably, when you first meet Serana, she will start following you without replacing your existing follower. (Actually, she follows you whether you like it or not.) She's essential and fairly strong, so she makes a good second follower, unless her attitude bugs you.

Additionally, you can have one pet travel with you. Animals use a different follower slot than people, so you can recruit a stray dog, for example, even if you already have a human follower. UESP has a list of creatures that will follow you.

I haven't heard of a glitch that lets you have more than one normal follower at a time, although it seems that people occasionally experience a glitch that prevents them from having any followers at all.

  • I don't use mods because I don't know how to get them on ps4
    – Draugr
    Mar 23, 2017 at 5:29

There are mods which allow you to have far more than two followers. Go to the overhaul section in skyrim nexus website and you will probably find something.

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