In order to upgrade my equipment, I need some raccoon skins. I've been playing quite awhile, and while I already hunted 60 boars, 40 foxes and 20 rabbits, raccoons elude me. I managed to only hunt down 6 of them, and since they do not always drop the needed skin, it's quite a grind.

Where to consistently find raccoons in Horizon Zero Dawn?


According to the comments on this video, this is a pretty consistent spot to find a raccoon if you circle around the rock after killing one.

The location is near the southwestern corner of the map in the Sacred Lands side of the map, I believe.

It doesn't seem like a very quick thing to farm, but if I remember correctly, you only need a couple of raccoon skins in the entire game.

  • I was also able to find many of them near Meridian. – Zymus Mar 23 '17 at 20:27
  • 2
    As a side note, I found more Raccoons around night time, which would make sense considering they're nocturnal in our world. Could have been coincidence, but this was the case for multiple nighttime strolls. – Kaizerwolf Mar 24 '17 at 13:07
  • This answer does not work later in the game, see comments on the original YouTube video. (Example: "Doesn't work in post game. No creatures will spawn in this area due to what happens near the end of the game, so there are only 2 Watchers just past where the raccoon is in the video, and behind the rock at the start are 2-3 Scrappers.") – Wikis Sep 8 at 17:00

I Googled for many Racoon sites, here's what I learned: - Good places are with trees, forest - Better at night then daylight - I hunted down alltogether 29 Racoons, when I finally got my last needed Racoon Skin to upgrade my Potions Pouch to the max

My stats to max out all carry pouches: Boar 60, Rat 10, Rabbit 30, Racoon 29, Goose 4, Fox 64, Salmon 14, Turkey 48, Trout 13


Raccoons can be found in the bottom left of the map, see this image:

Raccoons be here

And zoomed in:

Zoomed in on raccoons

There are a variety of animals here:

  • boars
  • foxes
  • geese
  • rabbits
  • raccoons
  • rats
  • turkeys

In the river nearby are trout and salmon.

The location shown is fairly free of machines. However, in the vicinity (particularly to the west) are dangerous machines including Stalkers and a Stormbird.

And you will need to be patient. Keep looking for raccoons using your focus. Then mark them to track. They respawn eventually.


Maybe it depends on the stage of the game but I found Sigma to be a good raccoon spot.


I found a lot near Cauldron Stigma.

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