I've read that shiny Pokémon now exist in Pokémon Go.

See for example this article.

If I have a regular Pokémon and a shiny Pokémon, both with the same IVs and attacks, are they identical in terms of battling strength?

  • It's entirely sarcastic, but I have seen #ShiniesDoMoreDamage trending in competitive Pokemon Go groups. – Kadima May 7 '20 at 13:46

Both Pokemon will be identical in terms of battling strength.

As in the Pokemon games, the only difference between the a shiny Pokemon and a normal one is the fact that the color of the shiny one is different (adding a glow effect too). But the logic of the stats of the Pokemon remains the same. So a shiny Magikarp wouldn't be stronger than a normal one.

It has been mentioned in this article that:

The shiny Pokemon are not actually inherently more powerful than their less shiny counterparts. In fact, the early evidence suggests that there’s really no link between a Pokemon’s shininess and its individual values.

  • "As in the Pokemon games" back in gen 2 shinyness was based on IVs, so it did have a relation to the pokemon's stats (afaict the IV's needed for shinyness were above-average but not the best). In gen 3 and later this was dropped. – Peter Green Aug 9 '19 at 14:07

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