So for most of my time in GTA V I'm senselessly killing people, but about two weeks back I decided to try for 100% completion. I completed that task yesterday (by finishing golf below par lol) and I was expecting that to be the platinum trophy. I was incorrect and now know that it is "The Los Santos Legend". On PS4 it divides each section of trophies down, like GTA V, GTA ONLINE, etc. I only need five more offline achievements but I am worried that I will also have to complete the GTA Online section.

What do I have to do, achievement wise, to get the trophy?


According to this trophy guide, yes, you will need to earn the 17 Online trophies to unlock the Platinum trophy. In particular, step 4 of the process to get the platinum trophy simply states:

Now it is time to step into the world of GTA Online to mop up the remaining trophies.


You have to get 100% of the available achievements, Online and Story to unlock "The Los Santos Legend".

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