Is the amount of steel you'll earn in 1 week from the rewards for completing orders constant, assuming you complete them all? If so, how much is it? If not, is there a typical range?

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EDIT: There have been some changes to how orders work and new orders added since I posted this answer. I have not had the chance to figure it out again since the changes, but I'll leave my old answer below until I can update it.


Yes, the rewards are constant, and the total amount is 6,600 steel.

Show Your Work

From my experience, I believe all daily orders reward 300 steel on completion, and all contract orders reward 100 steel (I'm not going to consider special community events, since the rewards vary and I don't think they are regularly scheduled). There are 2 new daily orders each day, and 6 contract orders on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Crunching the numbers:

2 daily orders * 7 days a week * 300 steel per order = 4200 steel per week

6 contract orders * 4 times a week * 100 steel per order = 2400 steel per week

4200 for daily orders + 2400 for contract orders = 6600 steel per week

But Wait, There's More

Note that this number only reflects steel gained from the reward for the order. Orders are all based on completing a certain number of games of a certain type under certain conditions, so you will gain steel as loot from completing those games. These calculations don't consider this "loot" steel, so the actual steel gain in a week will be higher, but will depend on the number and type of matches played to complete the order.

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