More specifically, I like to be able to engage very quickly and very powerfully if my opponent makes a mistake. In the meantime, I like methodically advancing my position and dealing good, safe damage with my normals. Good focus/throw/slide is a plus, I abuse those. I'm definitely pretty bad at this point, but I want to pick a character whose playstyle I won't hate as my skills grow.

I have a few characters I'm leaning towards, but I'm looking for confirmation so I won't mention them until after I get a good round of responses.

Thanks! =)

EDIT: I ended up choosing Guy. He's versatile offensively with a strong mix-up game and the ability to engage quickly, forcing conflict.

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EventHubs has a good overview of the cast. I recommend you to do some of the trials and spend some time on training to feel the character's style.

Maybe Cody.

Cody is a heavy-hitting frame-trapping rock-throwing tank of destruction.


  • Deadly firepower, can stun quickly.
  • Great normal anti-airs.
  • Far-reaching punish game.
  • Easy combos into damaging Ultra 1.
  • Projectiles have very fast recovery.
  • Incredible range and damage on his overhead attack.
  • Large amounts of frame advantage on all normal moves.


  • Extremely limited options on wakeup and against pressure.
  • Very slow walk speed.
  • Short range on backdash.
  • Projectile can't win fireball wars.
  • Tough time chipping opponents safely.

For more character, take a look at:


  • I've done the first ~10 trials for each character, I'm leaning towards Guy right now. Others that I've enjoyed are Fei-Long, but I will give Cody a try in some real games too. Thanks.
    – Decency
    Sep 24, 2011 at 1:25

A few come to mind:

Balrog's play style is pretty similar to Brian, with very punishing hits to take advantage of miscues. Not many kicks though.

Guile is also a good fit, he has some very strong normal combos and strong defense.


I ended up choosing Guy. A few months later, I still feel he was a good choice.

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