In Steam, when you go to Settings -> In-Home Streaming -> Advanced client options, you can find the option to display performance information at the client side during streaming Screenshot of menus showing how to turn on performance information display If you check it, streaming performance information is displayed at the screen and it's written:

Press F8 or START + X to save snapshot on remote computer

Where are these snapshots stored on the remote computer?

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According to this thread on Steam Community forums, it is stored in C:\Path\to\SteamDirectory\streaming\Name_of_the_game.zip(assuming C is the hard drive where Steam is installed):

Host computer, Steam directory in a folder named streaming, it creates a zip file with the name of the game you pressed f8 in


On Ubuntu Linux host, while streaming the desktop or big picture mode, the directory is:


Only the F8 method worked, Win+X did not.

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