One of my strike team members just failed and got a negative trait called Outlaw Hysteria, which penalizes him when facing outlaws in a mission.

If I send him on some easy bronze missions with outlaws will there be a chance for him to lose his negative trait?

  • Don't think you can remove them. Not certain. Some searching found this quote on a forum: "I currently have 3 positive traits and 9 negative traits on my suicide gold squad. pretty sure you cant get rid of them since one of the positive traits is same as negative. i have 5 positive traits on my most successful team" Sounds like he has negative and positive traits that cancel each other out, but the traits remain anyway. – DCShannon Mar 29 '17 at 21:50

No, there isn't. You can retire a squad using the retire option but this will remove the squad from your allocation, freeing up the ability to recruit a new squad.

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