So, Death, right? He appears so many turns after unlocking the exit. Can you kill/stop him?

  • I don't think you can ever swap with him, he always seems to strike first, unlike any other enemy.
  • I thought I saw a power that would slow or stop him temporarily.
  • I am currently trying to catch him in a dynamite blast, will that kill or stun him?
  • How about windmills or ice slides, do either work? Does the latter also result in his first strike and your death?

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Most enemies cannot move through walls. There is one that can move/attack diagonally, though. You can usually temporarily stop enemies by surrounding yourself with blocks either by spell or matching/moving. However, Death can destroy walls!

You can stun Death for one turn by

  • hitting him with a dynamite
  • hitting him with attack magic

enter image description here

There is this one-time-use spell, "Remove death for 30 turns."

enter image description here

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