I find myself switching back and forth between first and third person perspective frequently in World of Warcraft in order to take a good screenshot or to get a better view of a distant object. To switch to first person perspective I have to keep scrolling my scroll wheel to zoom the camera all the way in, and to switch back I have to reverse scroll all the way back.

I tried using the "Save View / Set View" function that is natively supported, but there are two problems:

  1. "Save View" not only saves the camera distance, but also saves the camera angle. So while my camera is looking upward and I want to get a better view of a flying creature, pressing the "Set View" button will bring my camera to look forward.

  2. Although the desired camera distance in 1st-person view is always 0, in 3-person view the desired camera distance varies. Selecting the saved 3-person view will force me to use the camera distance used when the view is saved.

Is there a solution that allows me to press one button to switch between first and third person perspective, like the 1st-/3rd-person buttons do in many third person shooters?

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    Specifically asking for add-ons will make this off-topic. Is there any way you could reword it so it's not a software recommendation?
    – Vemonus
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    it's okay to ask for a solution and have an add on be the solution. Specifically asking for software recommendations is a reason to vote to close. Basically, just reword your question to remove the recommendation request and it'll be all good!
    – Vemonus
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    I think you're missing my point. The reason recommendation requests aren't on-topic aren't due to the publisher of a game not approving of them. It's due to that open-ended nature. An add on that fixes one issue may bring others into play or may include other unnecessary features. Multiple add ons may apply to the situation. It also bars answers that aren't just add on recommendations. By removing the add on specification, you would get answers that may or may not include an add on, but (should) solve your problem. The fix isn't necessarily an add on, so it's not necessary to ask 4 1
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    For instance, you asked for add ons, but the first answer to appear proposes a solution that's not an add on, which proves my point about it being unnecessary to specifically ask for an add on.
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    @Vemonus Haha you are right. That answer is a disproof to what I just said. I will edit my answer as you instructed.
    – Cosmos Gu
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Not sure if this helps, but...

The Home and End keys zoom between 5 different fixed presets, with Home generally zooming in and End generally zooming out.

These presets are:

  1. First Person View
  2. Third Person View short distance, from directly behind. This is the default.
  3. Third Person View short distance, 45 degree angle.
  4. Third Person View far distance, 45 degree angle.
  5. Third Person View far distance, from directly behind.
  • Thank you. This poses the same problem as user-definied view sets in that it will force the camera into a pre-defined angle. Nonetheless, when I do want look afront in 1st-person view (which happens frequently when I want to look at an NPC more closely), this will definitely be faster than scrolling my scroll wheel.
    – Cosmos Gu
    Commented Apr 6, 2017 at 2:12

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