This morning I completed the final two challenges in my Chapter III Season Journey, but I'm unable to claim my Haedrig's Gift cache because the game says I need to complete the previous step.

When I look at Chapter II journey, it's complete, but not marked as completed, as it's missing a gold seal, which I assume means completed. I have claimed my set items from chapter 2 already, so I've no idea what's left to complete.

What am I missing?

Chapter I Chapter 1 Complete

Chapter II Chapter 2

Chapter III Chapter 3

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As I tend to leave my PS4 in rest mode, I actually closed Diablo 3 this morning. When I restarted the game, my Season Journey updated itself and I was able to claim my rewards.

So it seems that you have to actually restart the game from fresh to force an update.

  • Had the exact same problem on the Switch. Jan 7, 2019 at 0:46

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