At the bottom of the game's homepage, you can see a "Fun Fact" that says

This game can be won!

When I get to the top of the tower, it says

Welcome to the last floor!

You finally managed to reach the princess and finish the game.

But, I haven't kissed any princesses yet (one of the only actions you have, besides attacking monsters or interacting with heroes).

The princess is surrounded by impassable pillars and unmovable and unattackable heroes.


The heroes only ever say

You can do whatever you want here, but beware - no kissing!

We only have one rule here: no kissing!

Make sure you don't wake her up!

Sssh! She is sleeping, don't you see?

I see, another lucky adventurer!

Is there a win condition besides simply reaching the top of the tower and loafing with all these other heroes?

  • I removed that "seven day roguelike" tag after doing some research. In the future, please don't add meta tags like that. A single game tag is sufficient for like 95% of the questions asked.
    – Vemonus
    Apr 7 '17 at 21:10

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