I'm referring to the blurry scenery in the background.

Is it just randomly generated? Is it sometimes based off worlds you've made? Or is it neither?

Background Screen

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It is a mesh of 6 PNG files displayed sequentially (and with a wonderful transition!). These files are located inside your minecraft.jar inside title/bg (So yes, you can change them).

Source: I found them while browsing the jar, then stared at the background to confirm that they matched.

Also, the 2 computers I tested had the same files, so it stands to reason that minecraft.jar does not dynamically generate them.

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As john said it's located in the minecraft.jar file inside title/bg. Here's a little video on how to change it :D

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    The video is private, please link a different one to make your answer complete :)
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    Jan 24 '12 at 9:18

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