I told a friend of mine to play Undertale, but as he doesn't have a PC, I will let him play the game on my pc. The problem is... I already completed the game in genocide, but from what I hear, there will be save files left even after the "true" reset with %appdata%. Someone on Reddit even said it stores Registy files on Windows... On another question found here, they mentioned "UndertaleGenocideRemover", but do that actually work? I don't want that the game remembers some decision and ruins the gameplay of my friend. I want that he can experience the game as a whole, with a clean, fresh start.


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From the Undertale Wiki

Save Locations

Default save locations are as follows:

  • Windows: * Windows XP: %SystemDrive%/Documents and Settings/%USERNAME%/Local/Application Data/UNDERTALE * Windows Vista/7/8/10: %LOCALAPPDATA%/UNDERTALE
  • Linux: * DRM-free: ~/.config/UNDERTALE_linux * Steam: ~/.config/UNDERTALE_linux_steamver
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/com.tobyfox.undertale/

Modifying/Deleting Files

To return to a playable state, the player can enter their save data folder and either:

  • Delete the last directory in the aforementioned save location for your respective system; this removes everything you have done in the game as if it is your first time playing it
  • Delete or rename the files system_information_962 and system_information_963 in the aforementioned save location. This removes any effects of having done the Genocide Route. The system_information_962 file is the one that you have erased the world, and system_information_963 is when you have sold your soul.
  • Uninstall the game and do a fresh reinstall. GOG players using GOG Galaxy may need to disable cloud saving before carrying out any of these steps. Also, these methods are not sufficient for players of the Steam version, as the Steam Cloud backs up the acquisition of the system_information files and restores them if deleted (even if cloud synchronization is disabled). Players of the Steam version have to delete their Steam Cloud cache as stated here, or render the system_information files unreadable by ''Undertale'' by modifying their security settings under file properties to deny read permission.
  • The Undertale Genocide Remover application automatically removes all Genocide Route files, even those in Steam, when "ERASE" is pressed.

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