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In Overwatch, armor reduces damage taken by 5. Is there a minimum damage or it actually goes to 0?

Lets take Winston for ex. He has:

Tesla Cannon:

Type: Multitarget Beam

Damage: 60 per second, 3 per round

Maximum range 8 meters

Area of effect 6 meter width

Ammo 100

Ammo usage 20 rounds per second

Reload time 1.5 seconds

Headshot ✕

If you check the bolded part you see that he actually does 3 damage per round. That, reduced by armor means -2 (0 since I guess you don't start healing the enemy :)) ) damage. This basically means that any character with 1 armor is unbeatable by Winston. My instinct (and the 99999 kills in Overwatch - although I never checked if the dead ppl had armor or not :P) tells me I'm wrong, but can't find anything to back me up.

Is there maybe a minimum of 1 damage/round or something?

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Armor reduces all incoming damage by half, up to a max of 5. So when Winston attacks someone with armor, he is doing 1.5 damage per round to them until their armor depletes. You can look at this question for more details on how health, armor, and shields work.

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