When you run it in windowed mode it is tiny.

And when you run it in fullscreen mode, it crashes.

How can I run it at proper resolution without crashing?

  1. Make virtualbox windowed.
  2. Turn off "Auto-resize guest display" in the View menu.
  3. Resize your window to 4:3 and as big as possible.
  4. Turn on "Auto-resize guest display" in the View menu.
  5. Modify the shortcut to diablo.exe or (to PlugY.exe) to include these parameters: "-w -nofixaspect"
  6. Start the game using this shortcut
  7. Maximize the window
  8. Do not forget to set 800x600 in the game menu.

Not perfect, but still much better than native resolution:

Diablo 2 running in multiple windows

  • I'd suggest to install VirtualBox Guest Additions. These will enable proper screen resolutions and other things making your life much easier. – dly Apr 13 '17 at 6:51
  • They are installed, but the game crashes in fullscreen mode. – jsaak Apr 13 '17 at 6:52

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