In Fallout New Vegas, do I have to keep an eye on the time/date? Are there any events that happen after a certain amount of ingame time?

Can you for example miss something if you arrive to late in a certain place or don't finish a quest until a specific day?

I remember that in Fallout 1 or 2 (or both?) you were on a deadline and things could happen in the world without your interaction.

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For the most part no. Some events will only resolve after a certain amount of time has been passed from a trigger, and you may occasionally need to let 3 days pass (or just wait in place 3 days) for a script reset or merchant restock, but there are no 'scheduled events' which require actual attention to the calendar.

A few quests can only be completed at night, or during the day, or at a certain time of day, but you can't 'miss' them, you'll merely need to wait for the time to roll around again.

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Yes, there is one quest at Camp McCarran.

You need to find and disable an explosive before time runs out.

  • From what I read it's mainly not time-depent though, but triggers depending on if or if not you first talk to the base's commander (or leave the base).
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  • That's correct. The quest is timed, in that you have 5 minutes from the conversation, but not time-sensitive - you can delay it indefinitely. Commented Sep 22, 2011 at 15:50

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