I am in the latest version of MCPE beta, and I was wondering what the component thing is on the give command and how to use it.


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As far as I have found, these work (at least in the beta). Both will use the same block, etc. in the examples, yet it does work a bit on non-placables, and not being able to use liquids or air as a target.

/give @p stone 1 0 {"can_destroy":{"blocks":["dirt","glass"]}}
/give @p stone 1 0 {"can_place_on":{"blocks":["dirt","glass"]}}

/give player (you or anyone else) block (doesn't have to be a specific block, it can be a weapon, etc. Underscore replaces space) amount (number)

This is a real example of it:

/give Steve diamond_sword

(amount is not needed for a single thing)



/give @p diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {“**minecraft:can_destroy**:{“blocks”:[“stone”,”diamond_block”]}}

The two components are

{“minecraft:can_destroy” And {“minecraft:can_place_on”


/give @s concrete 1 0 {"minecraft:can_place_on":{"blocks":["dirt"]}} This is a valid command for the tag:"Can Be Placed On:"block" This is valid for MC Bedrock Edition and MCPE.

    "format_version": "1.10.0",
    "minecraft:block": {
        "description": {
            "identifier": "more:netherstar_ore",
            "is_experimental": false,
            "register_to_creative_menu": true
        "components": {
            "minecraft:loot": {
                "table": "loot_tables/blocks/netherstar_ore.json"
            "minecraft:destroy_time": {
                "value": 7
            "minecraft:explosion_resistance": {
                "value": 1
            "minecraft:flammable": {
                "flame_odds": 0,
                "burn_odds": 0
            "minecraft:block_light_absorption": {
                "value": 1
            "minecraft:block_light_emission": {
                "emission": 0
  • What block is this talking about? Or is it just an example?
    – Diehe
    Commented May 4, 2020 at 16:52

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