I'm coming close to finishing my first playthrough of Persona 5 and I'm already planning my New Game+ playthrough where I'm going to try to pick up all the trophies I missed my first time around. Unfortunately, there are a few things that I'm close to achieving, but won't quite get to before I finish the game.

In Persona 3, I remember my player's level carrying over, but I don't think this was the case in Persona 4, so I'm hoping that it does in Persona 5 (to minimize time spent training and not increasing Social Links).

What all carries over into New Game+ in Persona 5? What doesn't?


According to the wiki, Persona 5's New Game+ carries over the following:

  • Human parameters, the five status
  • Persona compendium
  • Equipment, including teammates'
  • Money
  • Skill cards
  • Items that unlock persona
  • Items received from maxing co-ops
  • Xmas present
  • Play time
  • Fishing rod
  • Valentine chocolate, or The pity chocolate from the cafe owner

This means that the following things are not carried over into New Game+:

  • Name
  • Game difficulty (Player can re-decide)
  • MC's and teammates' level
  • Consumable items
  • Co-op ranks
  • MC's personas
  • Tutorial and Story cut scene history
  • Materials for crafting
  • Presents (for Co-op)
  • Books

Thus, to address the part about player level, this will be reset, but you can potentially buy back your end-game level personas as soon as you start, so even though your player level will be reset, you'll have extremely powerful personas.

That said, a good tip for preparing for New Game+ would be to focus on getting your Social stats as high as possible, since those do carry over. The less time spent raising Charm or Guts will be more time spent increasing your Social Links!

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