I'm not able to figure out how to get the hidden achievements. Currently there are 14 displayed as hidden in my Steam stats. Does somebody know what these achievements are about?

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The Achievements wiki page lists all of the hidden achievements. They are:

  • Put Some Blimp in Your Blimp
  • Totally in Motion
  • It's Called Steve
  • Centurion
  • Nomen Est Omen
  • Combo Breaker!
  • Not So Mono
  • Blimp? Blimp.
  • Cables Galore
  • Clark Cable
  • Triorail
  • Ferry Faerie
  • Rejoice and Be Ferry
  • Reporting!
  • Frenetic Player

The conditions for these achievements are laid out on this page:

  • Put Some Blimp in Your Blimp: Have 10 Blimp lines
  • Totally in Motion: Win all three Mass Transit Scenarios
  • It's Called Steve: Name a road "Steve"
  • Centurion: Name 100 roads
  • Nomen est Omen: Name a road
  • Combo Breaker!: Have one of each combination transport building
  • Not So Mono: Have 10 monorail lines
  • Blimp? Blimp.: Have 3 blimp lines
  • Cables Galore: Have 10 cable car lines
  • Clark Cable: Have 3 cable car lines
  • Triorail: Have 3 monorail lines
  • Ferry Faerie: Have 15 ferry lines
  • Rejoice and Be Ferry: Have 3 ferry lines
  • Reporting!: Check a route of a citizen
  • Frenetic Player: Click a Police Station 100 times

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