So, I've found all of Link's memories. I went to Impa and

she told me about a 13th and final memory. I recovered that memory, too. I went back to Impa expecting to get some kind of reward but… nothing.

What's the point to finding all these memories? Obviously, they flesh out the world and add a little character development to the game's story. But is that it?


According to one site, there is no "great reward" for finding all of the memories. What you do get though is a scene added to the ending of the game:

You won’t find any great reward waiting for you, but be patient. Finding this 13th Captured Memory adds a scene to Breath of the Wild’s ending.

Another site mentions something similar to the above, but nothing in regards to a reward:

Finding these will then unlock one final 13th memory, which in turn also adds a bonus scene to the game's ending.

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