In "Saves" directory of Crysis 2, I saw a file named "actionmaps.xml" which says

  <action name="flymode" onPress="1" noModifiers="1">
   <key name="f3"/>
  <action name="godmode" onPress="1" noModifiers="1">
   <key name="f4"/>
  <action name="ulammo" onPress="1" noModifiers="1">
   <key name="np_2"/>
  <action name="debug" onPress="1">
   <key name="7"/>
  <action name="thirdperson" onPress="1" noModifiers="1">
   <key name="f1"/>

How do I play in third person view mode? Pressing F1 does nothing.


You need to enable the Developer Mode in order to be able to use these commands.

To enable the developer mode, you need to start the game with the "-devmode" command line parameter (either edit the start menu shortcut or create a batch file containing "Crysis2.exe -devmode". When the developer mode is enabled, you'll be able to use the following key bindings:

  • F1: toggles between first and third person view
  • F2: teleports you to the next checkpoint
  • F3: switches between fly mode, noclip mode, and back to normal
  • F10: removes many textures and shows polygons
  • Num1: gives quite a few weapons (notably the JAW and L-TAG) and refills ammunition

Update: After some research it has been found out that the "-devmode" cannot be used after patching the game to version 1.2. However, there might be ways to bypass this through using scripts and/or similar.

Source: Wiki4Games

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  • just having a bit of having the same issue but a bit complex,i created a Batch file under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis 2\bin32" but when i tried to open it up and used the key combination i was unable to switch to third person mode.. i even tried creating a Xml file in saved file directory with key combinations in it..but that file content changes every time i get in game still im unable to change the views any solution please reply as soon as you can..can wait to play this game – user37788 Dec 2 '12 at 10:34

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