I have unidentified potions in my inventory that I probably have randomly picked up during my quests, or maybe I made them myself by mixing wrong ingredients... I don't know for sure.

Is there a way to identify them? Or should I get rid by selling them?

  • What Vemonus said; also, I always drank them, keeping a bottle of White Honey in reach. Some potions' formulae are hard to acquire, but I noticed I could find, say, De Vries' potion quite easily. – Gallifreyan May 3 '17 at 21:02

According to a post in this thread, there are two ways to identify what those unidentified potions are. Drinking the potion will identify it if it is a legitimate potion. Finding the formula for that potion if it is in your inventory will cause it to become identified as well.

If you get the formula for an unknown potion currently in your inventory, it will change to what it is. If you make a potion that comes up as unknown, drink it and if its a legitimate potion such as something like wolverine or perfume, the recipe will show up.

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