How do you use /title? I used it like this

/title @a title {text:"you're fighting the castle",bold:true,italic:true,color:red}" 

and it gave me this error

[10:51:17] Invalid json: malformed JSON at line 1 column 3

I'm trying to make something and I've been stuck for a while so if anyone knows please help me!!!

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    Only tag the game you are talking about please. I assume it's just Minecraft, and not Minecraft, Diablo 3, Majoras Mask, and Clash of Clans.
    – Timmy Jim
    Commented May 4, 2017 at 17:59
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    Try putting your Strings in double quotes: {"text":"you're fighting the castle","bold":true,"italic":true,"color":"red"}
    – dly
    Commented May 5, 2017 at 6:12

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Here is the command with proper JSON formatting:

/title @a title {"text":"you're fighting the castle","color":"red","bold":true,"italic":true}

You were missing quotation marks around text, color, red, bold, and italic. You also have a single quotation mark at the very end which shouldn't be there.

I recommend using a JSON generator. This makes it easy as you don't have to know JSON formatting.

One example which can do titles: https://www.minecraftjson.com/

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