Trying to make as overpowered a Skyrim character as possible (I am doing this out of boredom and though meh could be fun) I made a mistake and added all the shouts rather than unlocking (new to console commands, didn't realize they were different) so I added like 50 dragon souls with console commands, and can't use them. Help would be appreciated :)


There are a few things occurring that may prevent you from spending the souls:

  • You added the shouts to your character (And they're already unlocked and as such you can't spend souls because you have no more shouts to unlock).

  • If you haven't done the Dragon Rising Quest, you can't unlock the first word of Unrelenting Force (Fus). This also happens for all shouts that are taught to you, as in: you get them during the story

  • You don't know how to unlock shouts. In that case, you have to open the magic Menu, click on shouts, and press R when you're over the shout you want to unlock. Spend the dragon soul. You can then equip the shout with **

If it's the latter it may be a duplicate of this question

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