In the manipulator plugin screen there's nothing labeled 'hunter'. What's the name of the labor for hunting? "Ambusher"?


Ambusher is indeed the skill associated with the Hunting labor.

Link to relevant wiki article

Just to confirm, images below using Manipulator and Dwarf Therapist. You can see that Udil's role is Hunter and they only have experience as in Ambushing. In both tools they have Hunting (H in manipulator) enabled. Both tools also list Ambushing as the actual skill.

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Yeah, I read that page too. But the first sentence implies, in my reading, that there is a 'hunting' labor, separate from the ambusher skill, that can be enabled or disabled: "Dwarves with the hunting labor enabled automatically use the ambusher skill ...". – Kenny Evitt May 5 '17 at 9:43
  • 1
    @KennyEvitt I've added some additional detail to my answer. It might be written that way because hunters also use the marksdwarf skill to attack animals. – Angzuril May 5 '17 at 14:14

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