Is there any way to show what team a player is on under their name tag? This is with scoreboards. I have different ranks on my server with command blocks and i want a player to have a tag under their name that shows their rank.

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There are several ways you can do that:

Via command blocks:

Differentiate teams by color:

Simply use:

/scoreboard teams option <team> color <color>

<team>: command names of teams you've created.
<color> options: black, dark_blue, dark_green, dark_aqua, dark_red, dark_purple, gold, gray, dark_gray, blue, green, aqua, red, light_purple, yellow, white, reset

This will appear both in chat and in the player's nametag. Just ensure that the player is in the correct team.

Via Bukkit/Spigot/whatnot plugins:

This plugin should do the trick.

Simply use:

/nte player <player> <prefix/suffix> <text>

<player> parameter: The name of the player.
<prefix/suffix> option: Whether to change the prefix or the suffix.
<text> parameter: The text to append in front (if prefix) or after (if suffix) the user's name.

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