In C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config, there is a file called game.cfg which stores the configuration of the game. While most options are easy to understand (for instance, ShowSpellCost=1 does what it does -- shows the cost of each spell), I fail to understand a few others. Some options include:

  • in General
    • ShowGodray
    • BindSysKeys
  • in HUD
    • DisableMouseCaptureDebugger
    • ShowChampionIndicator
    • ItemShopItemDisplayMode
    • ItemShopStartPane etc.

Is there a list of what each option mean, preferably official?


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These are the definition of some of the commands:


This will remember your custom keybindings. For example: ctrl+f shows/hides your fps.


This will remember how your shop should look lie, due to the option of how you want to showcase your shop. It can be shown with all the items in squares. Or under subtitles like: Recommended, Early Game, Late Game etc.

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