In particular, are there any restrictions between Pokémon Diamond/Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon SoulSilver/Pokémon HeartGold?


There are no trade restrictions between gen 4 games. I have traded from HG and SS to Platinum.

For D/P/P

  • You must have received the Pokedex from Professor Rowan at Sandgem Town


  • You must have received a Pokedex from Professor Oak at Mr. Pokemon's house (North of Cherrygrove City)

You would need 2 DS consoles and then just head to the Union Room, found in the Pokemon Centre, on both games and trade from there. You will need 2 Pokemon in your party to be able to trade.

Issues arise when trading between generations (gen 3 to gen 4, for example) as Pokemon, their Moves and their Held Items, may not exist in the past or future.

  • AFAIK; the only restrictions for transferring are no HM moves (Pal Park [G3 -> G4], Transfer Lab [G4 -> G5]) and no held items (Transfer Lab [G4 -> G5]). After Gen 1/2's time capsule, transferring has been one-way - and some Pokemon can only learn some moves in previous generation games, and must be transferred from that game to have the move in a newer game. (see Delibird's Serebii page, the "Transfer Only Moves" section near the bottom.) – Trent Hawkins May 7 '17 at 9:43
  • I'm aware of the one way transferring. I added the Pokemon restriction in the last paragraph because (if I remember correctly) you can still trade from Gen 2 back to Gen 1 if the Pokemon, Type and Moves existed in Gen 1. – Supergoat21 May 7 '17 at 9:59

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