I'm very late to the game (literally) and just now getting into Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer. I'd like to be able to setup a dedicated game server am looking for the basic steps to install, and configure the server.

I've found this video that shows someone starting a server from a batch file, but I don't have this file in my installation. I used Steam to download the multiplayer version of the game.

Assuming I have a server class machine with Windows 2012 installed ready to go, what steps do I need to take to install and securely configure a Call of Duty Black Ops server?


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If you intend to run your own CoD BO server it is required to have it hosted by a specific server provider (source). The only allowed way is to order a server at GameServers.com, which will be set up for you on their end.

Since it is not allowed to run it from your own machine the plain answer is: No way. There is no way to do it legally.

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    For reference, here's the Black Ops Page on GameServers.com - the official hosting provider.
    – Robotnik
    May 8, 2017 at 8:31

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