On the tag wiki page for , I noticed that one of the listed platforms was , with two Japanese only releases from 2001 under the names De La Jet Set Radio and Typing Jet.

Tag Wiki for Jet Set Radio

What exactly are these Japanese-only versions of Jet Set Radio?


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What is Typing Jet?

Typing Jet was a Java typing game released for Japanese mobile phones in 2001. Players avoided obstacles and ran from the police by quickly typing characters.

It was unveiled alongside other mobile titles such as Ulala's Channel J (Based on Space Channel 5), Columns Jr., and The Typing of the Dead.

Only known screenshot of Typing Jet

What about De La Jet Set Radio?

There was a game called De La Jet Set Radio, but it wasn't a Java mobile game. It was a re-released version of Jet Set Radio sold exclusively in Japan through Sega's Dreamcast direct service.

It included the extra levels, music, and characters from the European and American releases, along with several bug-fixes.

Cover of 'De La Jet Set Radio'


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