Hey so I have played 7 days to die for a while now. When I first got it two years ago, there was no controller support for it. I quit because that was a problem due to a broken mouse and no job yet. Does the game have controller support yet, or should I wait a bit longer to invest in one?

  • The game is available on Xbox One now (it has for a while). I'd be surprised if a controller isn't supported now. – Timmy Jim Sep 5 '17 at 11:17

Did a quick search and I have concluded that there is no full controller support for the game. However, I did find a program called Xpadder that allows you to map controls to your controller for any game. If you do buy a controller, you will need an adapter, whether it be wired or wireless.

here is the link to the program.

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I created my own preset for 7 days to die controller support for reWASD using a tool. You can download the preset here.

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