I am aware that as of Patch 2.3.0, these Shrines appear less frequently. Where can Bandit Shrines be found; Campaign or Adventure mode? Also, if the answer's under Adventure mode, would it be in Nephalem Rifts or normal Bounty-play?

I have a hunch that the answer's Adventure mode only, but could I have some confirmation on this? (Preferably in a video/screenshots)

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The most telling evidence I could find was from patch notes for patch 2.4 where they list an update for bandit shrine appearances under the "Adventure Mode" section. I can tell you, only from experience, that they do not appear in rifts (nor story mode).

The Diablo wiki states that they were added in patch 2.3 but I couldn't find anything in the notes about it (sometimes Blizzard seems to keep some things a surprise).

Note that while you won't find a bandit shrine in a rift, you can instead find goblin packs, which can be just as rewarding.

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