I was playing Chess Cube on Facebook and suddenly this popped up and I am not able to play any matches.


Why is this happening? Is there way to continue playing? (Other than buying the cubits of course.)

  • RIP chesscube!!
    – BCLC
    Jan 5 at 14:21

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From What are ChessCube Cubits?

What is it?

Cubits are ChessCube’s virtual currency, which can be used to enter a ChessCube Tournament, play a wagered Chess match against other ChessCube users, or purchase items in the ChessCube store

How do I get Cubits?

  • Directly purchasing Cubits using your Credit Card or Paypal account
  • Using your mobile phone to purchase Cubits through Zong
  • Taking up and[sic] offer through Offerpal
  • Playing in ChessCube Tournaments and finishing in a Cubit prize position
  • Winning Cubits against another user in a Cubit Wager game
  • Logging in daily
  • Playing in your first ChessCube Tournament
  • Inviting your friends to ChessCube via email

Emphasis mine — free options are italicized, the options I think are open to you are additionally bolded.


Chesscube is not free --

You can play a few games for free every day, but after that you need to buy "Cubits".


Don't play too many games if you don't have cubits or you don't want to buy them. Just play one a day for your daily bonus. You generate 100 cubits a day so 100*10 days nets you 1000 cubits.

Only play lots of games that you bet on if you know you are good.


Make two accounts. Open both of them in different browsers. transfer cubits from one account to another by playing a match between them and then losing. you will easily get 200 cubits after 3-4 matches. repeat this process for different accounts.


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