I have Fallout 1 and I already beat it, but when I defeated the Master, I got the dialog sequence with the Overseer (when you are expelled from Vault 13) and then game was over (pretty sad, that ending sequence).

I still had some optional quests to do, but I wasn't able to finish those. I'd like to know if, after I beat the final boss, can I continue playing the game and do side quests?

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According to this thread, once you finish the main quest, the game is over.


There's a relatively new mod called "Fallout Et Tu" or "Fo1in2" that allows you to continue playing. It's actually a port of the F1 campaign to the F2 engine, and thus it works the same way - when the campaign ends, it asks you if you want to continue playing or not.

Besides this, it also lets you enable various cut content, and make some other adjustments.

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