I want to kill an entity that is nearest to the player. So I put the command:

/kill @p[type=armor_stand,c=1]

So I was thinking, is it possible to reverse it to "kill a player that is nearest to an entity"?

  • you can't combine @p with type=armor_stand. @p selects the closest player, not the closest entity. use @e instead. – Plagiatus Jun 2 '17 at 12:25

to kill the entity that is the closest one to the player you can do

/execute @p ~ ~ ~ /kill @e[type=!player,c=1]

in reverse, to kill the player that is the closest to an entity, you can do

/execute @e[yourEntityHere] ~ ~ ~ /kill @p

be aware that @p only selects the closest, non-dead player that matches the given criteria and can't be used to select entities.

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