I've been working my way through the player owned ports minigame in Runescape. I just recruited my first "Crows Nest Sniper" who came with a perk titled Slow, which sets his speed stat to -80. This really isn't that bad, since -80 is rather small for the speed stat, however when a crew member levels, all of their stats increase by 10% of the base value.

When he levels, will this stat decrease further (in this case to -88), or will it remain the same or possibly even increase? I'd like to know before I invest in him just to have him slow my ship down further.


The stat appears to remain the same.

After leveling up this crew member some, his speed stat still remains at -80. It appears that negative traits such as Slow do not continue to decrease as the crew member levels up and are locked in at the base value.

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