How do I get a fisherman villager in Minecraft? I need to know which profession and career number it is.


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/summon villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:0,Career:2}

list of profession and career IDs:

enter image description here

Assign CareerLevel to unlock more trades at start.


The Fisherman is a subset of the brown coat villager, The brown coat's profession id is 0, while the fisherman subset (Career) is 2, so to summon one, you need to do this:

/summon villager <x y z coordinates> {Profession:0,Career:2}

Hopefully I Helped. Ref: https://minecraft.wiki/w/Villager#Professions_and_careers


The Fisherman is a subset of the Brown Robed Villager and is listed as the second career number for the Brown Robed Villager.

via https://minecraft.wiki/w/Trading

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