When playing through the game as 2B and 9S, you start with their respective default weapons. 2B starts with the Virtuous Contract and 9S starts with the Cruel Oath.

Other than having different descriptions and appearance, both swords seem to be identical. They have had the same stats each time I have upgraded them and it appears it increases both of them have increased attack speeds, as well. Both swords are level 3 in my playthrough with Attack: 420-504, Combo: Lt 6 Hv 3, and ATK Speed Up.

Is there a difference in these swords or is it just lore that distinguishes these 2 swords?

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Aside from lore and appearance for Virtuous Contract and Cruel Oath, the main difference is the unique ability the weapons receive at lv4

Virtuous Contract receives the Holy Blessing ability where as Cruel Oath receives the Dark Impulse ability

Weapon Effects

Holy Blessing Increases attack power when HP is full.

Dark Impulse Increases attack power when HP is at 30% or less.

As a side note, attack does contain a slight difference at lv3 with different power for heavy

Virtuous Contract

lv3 - Attack: 420 - 504; Light: 6; Heavy: 3

Cruel Oath

lv3 - Attack: 420 - 518; Light: 6; Heavy: 2

  • I must have misread the numbers for heavy attacks in game, but they were the same up to this point which made me wonder if there was anything special about the swords with numbers being so similar. Good to know and thanks
    – LostWookie
    Jun 8, 2017 at 15:40
  • Dark impulse gives a 30% attack gain when hp is less then 30% and holy blessing gives a 20% attack increase when hp is full.
    – James
    Oct 25, 2021 at 20:15

Looking at the Wiki pages for both of these swords shows that the only difference between them is the materials needed to upgrade them.

The one exception appears to be at level four, where the Cruel Oath gets the Dark Impulse effect, and Virtuous Contract gets the Holy Blessing effect. Dark Impulse increase attack power when under 30% HP, while Holy Blessing increases attack power at full HP.

As noted in the other answer, at level three for Virtuous Contract, the Heavy combo is +1 higher than Cruel Oath, and the Attack Value has a higher maximum at 518.

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