Hey so in a lot of videos I see the companions wearing costumes. I know for codsworth you just equip the a bowlers hat. But for the companion costumes I know cait has that n7 armour, Preston looks like woody, danse as buzz lightyear, etc. here is a link to better describe this:

How do I get these costumes for the Xbox one version?

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    Mods are available on the Xbox One version of the game - so that's probably how. – Timmy Jim Jun 8 '17 at 23:49

You can download mods now on Xbox one for Fallout 4 (and Skyrim Remastered).

You will need a Bethesda.net account to log in first before you can download mods.

Some of the mods you are looking are probably found here

Here is an Iron Man outfit
A Batman Battle Armor
Mass effect 3 N7 armor

Always becarefull when downloading mods and combining mods. Effects may be unpredictable, untested and potentially unsafe and may cause your game to crash.

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