I need to get rid of many XP orbs. Once my friend died, he dropped so many orbs that server started lagging terribly. Eventually I absorbed them all. Now, if I die, the server will crash again.

So if I die in lava, will all XP orbs burn away and be destroyed?

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Yes, they burn.

I also had a very nasty experience with the server going down due to XP orb lag and tested the lava bath method in 1.8. It seems to work, I did a 2x2 lava pool and when returning from the dead no XP was left at all.

I'm not sure if they fixed the XP orb lag in 1.9Pre but untill I know for sure I take regular cleansing lava baths.

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    Magma is always the solution. Dwarf Fortress has taught me this. Sep 26, 2011 at 15:35

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