In Stellaris, strategic resources provide bonuses to your empire of various kinds. I know sometimes the resources are utilized in certain buildings, research or modules but I am not sure how the bonuses are applied.

If I have Neutronium Ore for example and looking in the strategic resources menu, it says +20% armor. Is that just automatically applied to all my ships? Is it only for new ones? Will it apply after an upgrade?

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So it seems that strategic resources that provide bonuses to ships such as these are automatically applied.

enter image description here

When you hover over stats that would be affected by the resources, you can see it lists the bonus applied. This includes new and old ships.

When I hover over armor it says +20% which lines up with having the Neutronium.

Ones that are used for buildings are used up and go towards their construction.

Certain resources like Neutronium also automatically unlock new research like the level V armor.

I came across this forum that lists what determines resources showing up in systems generally speaking.

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