So I've been playing Persona 5 and following a guide. It tells me to buy Organic Nutrients from the Flower Shop in Shibuya. I went to the flower shop, but they only carry Bio Nutrients which only gives +2 to Kindness.

I thought this might be an error on the Editor's part but come to find out the item actually exists. Here's the problem: the flower shop doesn't even sell Organic Nutrients!

Looked online and no one can point me anywhere. Does anybody know where I can find Organic Nutrients?


It's actually not called Organic Nutrients in English, it's called Mega Nutrients. It is also not in Shibuya, but in Shinjuku. From this GameFAQs thread:

It's called Mega instead of Organic in English and it's in Shinjuku, not Shibuya (in case anyone searches)

You buy them in the Flower Shop in the Red Light District in Shinjuku, not the underground mall.

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